Give Your Property a Reliable New Roof

Have a roofing contractor replace outdated materials in Hampton or Kingston, NH

If your roof is worn-out, it won't be able to protect your property against the elements. Replacing your old roof can help you avoid water damage and other issues. Mancini Roofing and Siding offers roof replacement services in Hampton and Kingston, NH.

We'll use high-quality, modern materials to give you a roof that looks great and lasts for years. This can be much more cost effective than simply fixing damaged sections. If you're concerned about your roof, talk to our roofing contractors today.

How to tell if you need a roof replacement

How to tell if you need a roof replacement

It's a good idea to check your roof for signs of serious damage. You should get assistance from our roofing contractors if:

  • You see light coming in through your attic
  • There are dark spots from mold or mildew
  • You notice large areas of missing shingles

Think you need a roof replacement? Ask us for a free estimate now by calling 603-380-8711.